What to do after registration?

If you registered as Prime Member, please follow the below instructions as this will help you to get involved with Antaheen Foundation.

1. Like our Facebook page: facebook.com/antaheenfoundation

2. Please go through our Facebook Page and Website to get knowledge on our background and provisional plans. Website: www.antaheenfoundation.org

3. Invite all the friends to like our page. You can see this video on how to invite all: youtube.com/watch?v=a1ut4MGeSMk&feature=youtu.be

4. Join our Facebook Discussion group: facebook.com/groups/207748907017466

5. Invite all your friends to the PUBLIC DISCUSSION group.

6. Join our PRIVATE TRUSTEE AND PRIME group: facebook.com/groups/2655543551440136

7. Subscribe and Click "BELL" icon in our YouTube channel: youtube.com/channel/UCL0WwHq67f3kwN3sIdVo0IQ

8. Follow our Instagram page: instagram.com/antaheenfoundation

9. Follow our LinkedIn page: linkedin.com/company/antaheenfoundation

10. Join our WhatsApp group by giving a WhatsApp message to +8801678062503 (Saidul)

11. Ask for your membership code after joining WhatsApp Group.

12. Ask to join Google Groups for future notice (Antaheen's Admin person will help you)

13. Use (Work At) Prime Member at Antaheen Foundation in your social media accounts.

Thank you very much for joining your hands to help everyone with the desired change of society.